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I just changed my Minecraft name, and everytime I join, I get kicked from the enjin server without a code to verify my new name. I'll show proof below...

Force read mandatory posts?

Posted 2 hours ago
Is there a way to set up a post as a mandatory read for users logging into a forum? I've searched through help, and support. Maybe I'm searching the...
I got a new skin but it won't change, at all to my profile picture. Any ideas?
There is a huge lag in the time for changes made in the forum module to update. For example, I created a new category. On the website the new category...

BungeeCord and Enjin Servers

Posted 4 hours ago
Hello everyone! Under the "Minecraft Tab" on Enjin, there are options for BungeeCord servers and Bukkit Servers. I have set up my BungeeCord server (i...